An Introduction of CCNA Certification Course and Learning Methods of CCNA Certification

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An Introduction of CCNA Certification Course and Learning Methods of CCNA Certification


At present, there are many companies engaged in network and integration, and more and more people are participating in Cisco certification. Today, I’ll talk to you about my views on learning and preparing for the CCNA certification exam.


  • About the CCNA Certification Course

Many novices don’t know what the CCNA certification course involves. The CCNA certification course is about basic knowledge of the network field, roughly including network model and architecture, routing technology, LAN switching technology, and remote access technology. The CCNP certification course classifies these <a href=””>knowledge points</a> and explains them at a deeper level.


Conclusion: the CCNA certification course helps candidates lay the foundation.


  • About Learning Methods

If you decide to apply for Cisco certification, it is very important to master the correct learning methods. There are individual differences, and people’s understanding ability is also different.


All experiments of the CCNA certification course can be completed in about 20 hours. There are really few knowledge points involved in CCNA certification exam. Those on-job candidates who want to learn the CCNA certification course can make use of the experimental environment in the working place. It’s good to partner with friends to buy a second-hand equipment and build an experimental environment. It’s also very cheap to buy a remote experimental machine. Besides, for the experiments of the CCNA certification course, three Cisco2500, one 2950 and another frame relay switch can meet the needs of one person (minimum environment).


Conclusion: to lay a good foundation, mastering the theory is the key. It is important to practice more while having a solid theoretical foundation. You should have the ability to troubleshoot according to the output of debug. In addition, don’t forget to share your experience when you master a new knowledge point.


About the Exam

The exam is actually very simple. The exam questions are mainly multiple-choice questions, dragging pictures questions and experimental questions. The question stem will clearly tell you whether it is a multiple-choice question or a single-choice. The experimental questions are simulated with the flash interface. Generally, there are three questions, and the score adds up to 300 points. A multiple-choice question is usually 12 to 13 points. CCNA certification exam time is absolutely enough. During the exam, you will be provided with scratch paper to calculate the questions divided by the operator network. But you cannot use a calculator. If you manage to pass the exam, you will obtain the CCNA certificate.